Last week of classes in Leeds

This is my last week of regular classes in Leeds, end of half a decade of teaching in leeds and a decade of living in the UK.

5 years ago I came up from London to set up again in a new city from scratch. I was lucky to have found an amazing community of yogi’s, students, teachers and friends. I’m grateful to the two Yoga studio’s in Leeds and their directors: Holly McFee from YogaHero and Angela Sykes from Yoga Kula, for giving me a platform to teach and for their trust and support.

Thank you to everyone that came to class and shared their practise with me. It truly is a special thing, teaching yoga, to get to connect in an honest way with people. I hope that our paths will cross again.

My last class will be this Tuesday at YogaHero 6-7pm experienced and 7.15-8.15pm open level.

Hi, I’m Issy

I designed this website to give you an update of what i’m doing and to find ways of joining me.

As a child I could never sit still, I had this constant need to move. This lead me into a career as a professional dancer and dance lead me to Yoga.

I think the beauty of life is to discover that every thing is in constant motion, everything moves and I guess this my exploration of how we can let life flow through us.

I have recently become interested in the minimalist movement. Exploring ways of living with less, but with more quality. Finding ways how we can have less waste and more enjoyment.

On this website you can find out about Yoga classes, Workshops, Bodywork and my exploration into the world of minimalism and zero waste.